World mission and the local church - Tom and Lucy Forryan

The New Testament pattern is for the local church to send out its best people into cross-cultural mission. This video tells the story of how Tom and Lucy Forryan from Derby Road Baptist Church in Watford, have been called by God to serve him in Paris, in partnership with Grace Baptist Mission and what preparations they are making for this big change in their lives.

Religious Education in Crisis

The ongoing decline in RE teaching is a serious problem the government should be addressing but also an opportunity for churches.

According to new research by the National Association for RE Teachers, a quarter of England's secondary schools are not offering Religious Education to their students despite the law saying they should. Academies, who can choose their own RE curriculum, have the worst record with nearly half not offering RE to 14-16 year olds... (read more)

Dormant Christianity

The small number of committed Christians in this country, especially among the young, is a call to fervent prayer and active evangelism.

Recently we heard that the majority of people in the UK do not identify as religious. A new poll says 6 per cent of British adults read or listen to the Bible, pray at least once a week, and go to church at least once a month. Of those who self-identify as Christian 55 per cent never read the Bible; 29 per cent never pray; one third never attend church. For all three measures of commitment, Anglicans were the most likely to tick “never”. The survey also identified that the lowest number of Christians was in the under-24s age bracket.

This is not a surprise... (read more)