Christians at Work need more trustees

One of our member agencies, Christians at Work, is seeking new trustees to add to their team. Here you can read more about the vision of their work as they seek to support Christians in the workplace all across the UK. Would you be able to help them in going forward into the future?

Reformation 2017: Relevant or Redundant? - Paul Yeulett

During the course of this year, to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Affinity is commissioning six articles from church leaders across the UK to explain what the Reformation means to them. In this first one, Paul Yeulett, pastor of Grove Chapel, Camberwell, London, describes the effect upon him as a young man of a book that changed his view of this historic event.


Reformation 2017: Relevant or Redundant? - Paul Yeulett

Back in school days the “Reformation” was that grey and tedious topic which was laboriously studied in dusty history classrooms, with musty textbooks and fusty (and fussy) teachers. Henry VIII chopping off his wives’ heads was satisfyingly gory, but the initial chuckle at the “Diet of Worms” evaporated quickly and I could never begin to spell “transubstantiation”, much less understand what it meant.

That all changed in the summer of 1995. (read more)


I have just finished watching the excellent drama Unforgotten on ITV, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar. The acting was superb, with a plot that developed through the episodes and kept you on the edge of your seat.

The story – and here come some plot spoilers – begins with an historical murder enquiry that turns up the stories of three individuals who were sexually abused as children. When these characters meet as adults in a psychiatric ward they share their stories and devised and hatch a plot to murder their abusers on behalf of each other in a way that should leave each with a solid alibi. By the time the investigation begins they are much older and are all now working in professional jobs as a teacher, a defence lawyer and a cancer nurse. But they all share this dark secret... [Read more]