Ideological Colonialism

Affinity stands with Barnabas Fund in raising serious concerns about the October 2016 Report of Wilton Park (an executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) entitled ‘Opportunities and Challenges: the intersection of faith and human rights of LGBTI+ persons’ which urges the reinterpretation and teaching of Scripture to make it compatible with LGBTI ideology.

Director of Affinity Graham Nicholls says, ‘The FCO should withdraw the Wilton Park report and confirm that this document does not represent UK government policy. The promotion of freedom of religion or belief around the world should be included as a major aim of UK foreign policy and all forms of this kind of intolerance of Christians, especially those from outside the UK, must be outlawed'... (read more)




Being faithful to the Bible does not mean reinforcing gender stereotypes

Graham Nicholls, Director of Affinity, says that we want to support biblical male and female roles, not extra-biblical ideas about what maleness and femaleness should be.

According to the BBC, the Advertising Standards Agency want to conduct a review into whether adverts are portraying gender stereotypes and limiting how we see ourselves. This is likely to result in tougher standards and stronger regulation... (read more)

Extremism Commission must focus on real threats to our wellbeing

Affinity, a fellowship of Churches, evangelical Agencies and Christians, is backing the call by the Evangelical Alliance for the government to approach the topic of defining non-violent extremism with great caution and to ensure that the widest possible range of groups, including those of faith, are involved in any future extremism commission that may be established. Read more