The Prayer Calendar for January is now available

The Prayer Calendar for January is now available to download. With one item for every day of the month, please use this to inform your praying for the many churches, agencies and individuals who are faithfully serving the Lord both in the UK and around the world. Thank you!

Another very convenient way of accessing the calendar is via the mobile app PrayerMate. Sign up for the daily feed here. Use this app for your mobile device and subscribe to our calendar to receive the prayer item for each day direct to your phone or tablet.

Prayer Calendar - January 2017

Speeders and Sinners

I recently attended a speed awareness course. It was a fantastic course. Not just the road safety training, which was useful, but the whole experience of a group of people being obliged to be together at 7:45am when we’d all have rather been somewhere else was interesting.

The latest edition of our Theological Journal Foundation is out

Foundations number 71 is published today - 108 pages of theological writing, free to read online or download:

Foundations issue 71

It contains the concluding part of Ted Turnau’s dialogues concerning cultural engagement. Two articles address the doctrine of creation: David Green highlights how the church’s focus on origins has caused it to neglect the biblical emphasis of God’s “present continuous” activity in the world and the way that this displays his glory. Then John James challenges the view that the intent of Genesis 1 was to establish the age of the earth. In the fourth article, Stephen Clark examines the relationship between Word and Spirit against the background of recent publications by Ralth Cunnington and Bob Letham, followed by a brief response from Bob. We also have reviews of books on the Psalms, marriage and divorce, the conscience, Newton on the Christian Life, eternal subordination, and the incarnation.