Rev Dr Iain D Campbell

We are deeply sorry to announce the death of Rev Dr Iain D Campbell, minister of Point/Knock Free Church of Scotland. Along with a wide-ranging ministry in the Free Church and worldwide, Dr Campbell was also Associate Editor of Affinity's Foundations Theological Journal... (read more)

The Prayer Calendar for February is now available

The Prayer Calendar for February is now available to download. With one item for every day of the month, please use this to inform your praying for the many churches, agencies and individuals who are faithfully serving the Lord both in the UK and around the world. Thank you!

Another very convenient way of accessing the calendar is via the mobile app PrayerMate. Sign up for the daily feed here. Use this app for your mobile device and subscribe to our calendar to receive the prayer item for each day direct to your phone or tablet.

Prayer Calendar - February 2017

Affinity: Standing Together

Over the coming months I want to explain some of the things happening at Affinity but a good question to start with is ‘Who are Affinity and what do we actually do?’

The British Evangelical Council (BEC, renamed Affinity since 2004) was founded in 1952 by George Collins and Murdoch Macrae from the Free Church of Scotland, and Theodore Bendor-Samuel and Edward Poole-Connor from the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. They wanted to express gospel unity across denominational divides, but also to be a defence against movements for unity based on sharing the name Christian, but not necessarily the same core beliefs. In the 1960s Affinity (BEC as it was then) gained the enthusiastic support of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and many church groups joined. (Read more...)