Adam or death: which came first?

In May last year Affinity published an article in its theological journal, Foundations, called 'Chronological Creationism'. In it Stephen Lloyd argued that the defining events of the early chapters of Genesis must have occurred in a certain order for them to make sense theologically, with all the important conclusions which flow from this order. This paper has now been republished under a new title to reach a wider audience. It includes a foreword by Bill James, Principal of London Seminary, who writes: 'Not only do we have a Christ-centred and coherent creationism, but we are also helped in our presentation of the gospel. For example, we can speak confidently of the goodness of God, who created the world perfect; the suffering and death which we see now are the result of the fall... our position on gender and sexuality is defined by God's good creative purpose, not our own personal prejudice. And our faith is rooted in objective historical realities.'

Copies are available for £5.00 each (including postage and packing) from Biblical Creation Trust, P.O. Box 325, Ely CB7 5YH (cheques to 'Biblical Creation Trust’). Email for bulk discounts.


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