Could you buy a chair for Ealing International Presbyterian Church?

The Ealing (London) congregation of the IPC have been working on a church building project for the best part of twelve years and God willing they will be in their new building in October this year. Pastor Paul Levy writes:

God has been remarkably kind in raising the finances so far but we are in need of a final push.

We are wondering if anyone might be willing to buy a new chair in the building!! The cost is £165/ $220. It's a great way of practically getting involved!

Here is a slightly embarrassing video of myself explaining about where we're at with the project (it's only 2 minutes long).


Finally, if you are able to give to our project here in the UK, here are our bank details. If you are in the US, we have a project account here.

Thank you!

PS: You can see more photos of the project on my blog.

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