Thought of the Day - Monday

Each morning this week, Graham Nicholls, our Director, is offering the Thought of the Day on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise. You can hear the Thought of the Day around 7.20am on Premier Christian Radio and 7.40am on Premier Praise.

Here is the text of what Graham shared this morning:

Peter writes his second letter to encourage Christians to be certain about what they believe, careful about what they teach, and ready for Jesus’ return.

In 2 Peter chapter 1, verse 3 he says that we have everything we need “for a godly life, through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness”.

God reveals himself to us in his word, the Bible. This word takes us to Christ. And by the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit we learn about salvation and we learn how to live. Peter says that God gives us all we need to live in a way that pleases him. There is no secret knowledge we need to learn; no additional revelation we must receive, a training course or a holy retreat we need to attend. We have all we need to be godly, right here in the Bible as God makes it plain to us.

With all the resources God has given you in his word, what will you do today to grow as a Christian – to add to your faith, knowledge, goodness, self-control and love?

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