Thought of the Day - Wednesday

Each morning this week, Graham Nicholls, our Director, is offering the Thought of the Day on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise. You can hear the Thought of the Day around 7.20am on Premier Christian Radio and 7.40am on Premier Praise.

Here is the text of what Graham shared this morning:

Peter writes his second letter to encourage Christians to be certain about what they believe, very careful about what they listen to and what they teach – and to be ready for Jesus’ return.

In 2 Peter chapter 2, verse 1 he bluntly says “there will be false teachers among you”.

He’s realistic; there are always going to be false teachers around. It was true then. It is true today. There are people who distort the message of the Bible for their own benefit. Some change the gospel story to make it more popular and less demanding in our modern, “enlightened” culture. Some of them are just in it for their own gain – whether that is for money or for reputation.

How will you guard against false teaching? How will you identify who is teaching you the wrong things, against God’s word? Or who is teaching the right things, but with the wrong motivation?

The only way is to be immersed in God’s word as you study and meditate on the Scriptures and spend time with God’s people, hearing the word faithfully preached and praising God together in heartfelt worship and spurring one another on. Are you doing that this week?

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