The Affinity Theological Study Conference, 13-15 March 2019

Why does your church do what it does when you gather for worship?

Is the content, style, leadership and conduct of your services dictated by scripture, tradition, culture, history, convenience, personal preference… or something else?

How much theological reflection goes into how your church worships?

Why does the evangelical church – even at the conservative end – have such a wide spectrum of practice? And does it matter?

The ‘worship wars’ of the 1970s and 80 may be long gone, but that does not mean we have reached anything like unanimity on corporate worship.

The 2019 Affinity Theological Study Conference is dedicated to this subject, to give church leaders and all interested parties the opportunity to set aside meaningful time to study, think, discuss and pray together on these themes. It is a rare opportunity for people from around the UK, all committed to the authority of scripture and yet with different church practices, to listen to each other and to be challenged by our various perspectives. 

We are excited about the potential for this conference. Our hope is that everyone will return home with a deeper understanding of the theology of corporate worship, a fresh appreciation of the need to apply it to church life – and a renewed desire to do everything for the glory of our Triune God when we meet together.

The conference is open to both men and women. If you cannot afford to pay the full fee now via online booking, a £25 deposit will secure your place.

See further details on the conference website. Please consider coming as a team from your church to make the conversation even more useful.


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