An invitation from Graham Beynon to the 2019 Affinity Theological Study Conference

Graham's paper at the conference looks at the affections (the emotional and subjective) in corporate worship - a really important issue. Graham will be enlisting the help of some theological giants to help us think biblically and practically about this theme, so that we can apply the lessons to our own day and our own church life. 

For further information about the event and how to book, please visit our dedicated webpage.




There is of course a place for community hymn singing, and even contemporary band music in services, Sometimes we can proclaim statements of faith in credo songs, on other occasions sing scripture choruses, but let us not forget how to communicate with God, pour out our hearts in praise and recognition of his great Worth and works. Let us refuse to be caught up and dominated by band music, and ephemeral words and miss the deep theology of the past hymns, and the recapture warm adoration and expression of love for God. Let us move on from deafening heart throbbing drums and base to deeper rhythms of thanksgiving, proclamation,praise and worship.

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