New edition of the Family Education Trust Bulletin

The latest edition of the Family Education Trust Bulletin is now available to download free of charge from the website of the Family Education Trust. It contains articles on:

· Divorce Bill cheapens marriage by allowing unilateral divorce on demand without giving a reason

· Public consultation response ignored – ‘laughable’ and ‘deeply worrying’

· The consequences of viewing marriage as an individualistic arrangement

· Children’s mental health issues, the ‘thinking chair’ and abortion campaigns: news from Northern Ireland

· Gender identity and the welfare of children

· Challenging trans ideology in schools and elsewhere

· Where is the dividing line between Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education?

· Home education and the threat to parental freedoms

· Policing the family: The ‘new class’ and the obsession with early intervention

· Marriage and divorce in the liberal imagination

· What is society’s interest in marriage?

· Speaking up for true marriage

· World Congress of Families, Verona 2019

· A few books available from Family Education Trust

The whole Bulletin may also be downloaded from their website here.



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