Confident Christianity conferences – mobilising Christians to talk effectively about Jesus

Confident Christianity Conferences help to equip, encourage and motivate Christian people in sharing their faith in Christ, with their friends, neighbours and colleagues, with gentleness, respect and faithfulness to the Bible’s message.

Affinity member, The Solas Centre for Public Christianity runs these events in partnership with local churches all over the UK. 

From Aberdeen to Portsmouth, Dundee to Salisbury, Confident Christianity Conferences have helped provide people with practical tools for evangelism at work, home, or school, as well as helpful approaches to talking about the hard questions that non-Christians ask. Topics have included questions of science and faith, human sexuality, the reliability of the Bible, and the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Alongside these issues, helpful ways of initiating and fruitful conducting gospel conversations are explored.

FIEC Pastor Phil Brown said: “People found Confident Christianity so helpful because it was real, it was informative but also inspired people who are shy in talking about their faith to think; ‘I can do this!’"

Solas would love to work with you and your church to bring a Confident Christianity conference to your town or city. Contact Tim on, to find out more.

Watch a video introducing Confident Christianity: or see Solas Conferences:


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