The latest Social Issues Bulletin is published today

The new Social Issues Bulletin has been published today and it is probably the largest we have ever produced. It has a range of important and helpful articles ranging from a look at the current constitutional crisis in the UK, through dealing with allegations of abuse in churches, to engaging constructively as a parent with your child's school - and some fascinating book and movie reviews.

The whole edition can be downloaded here:

The Bulletin - November 2019

Or you may read individual articles via these links:

Thoughts on the Present Constitutional Crisis in the United Kingdom

Engaging with your School 

Managing Abuse Allegations against Members of Church Staff and Volunteers

Why we Still Know So Little About Dementia

Ten Reasons why Smacking should not be Criminalised

Reproving an Older Believer for Sin

Book Review: The Madness of Crowds (Douglas Murray)

Book Review: Plugged in (Dan Strange)

Movie Review: Joker

Update on Life Issues

Latest News of Significant Individual Cases

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