Crossteach: children's resources for churches in lockdown

Wayne Harris, director of schools' ministry crossteach, writes with a great offer to all church leaders:

I am the Director of the Christian schools work organisation crossteach. Our mission is to teach about the Christian faith in schools, which we do in partnership with local churches. Below are two ways in which we would love to support you right now and information about how we can continue to support you in the future.

Two ways in which we would love to support you right now:

1) Resources for young people at your church
We have developed a number of resources for schools, churches and our supporters to use. Below are two new videos that are an example of these resources. We would love you to use them with young people at your church. Click on the link and enter the password below.

Amazing Things Jesus Said - "Quiet, be still!"
An 8 minute video, for ages 4 - 11, exploring the story of Jesus calming the storm: (Password: Mark4:39)

Amazing Things Jesus Said - "Your sins are forgiven"
An 8 minute video, for ages 4 - 11, exploring the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man: (Password: Mark2:5)

If you would like to access our other resources, please reply to this email to request the link and password.

2) Resources to aid prayer
During 10-24 May we are running Pray For Schools Fortnight. We do this alongside 'Pray for Schools', a national initiative to make every school in the UK a prayed-for school. If you would like to pray for your local schools during this fortnight we have created this video for you: (No password)

We have also created a prayer card for the fortnight. If you'd like us to send you an electronic version please do reply to this email.

How can we support you in the future?
If you have found these resources helpful and would like to receive more resources and news from crossteach, then you need to sign up to our supporter mailing list. To do this click here and fill out the form.

We really hope you find our resources helpful and we hope we can continue working in partnership with you in the future.

To find out more information about the work of crossteach do look at our website.

Many thanks,

Wayne Harris
National Director
crossteach - Teaching about the Christian Faith in Schools


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