Responding to the new 'Relationships Education' school curriculum

Lovewise is a charity which seeks to help parents, youth groups and schools by providing presentations on the subjects of marriage, sex and relationships from a Christian perspective.

With many schools re-opening over the next week, Lovewise would like to tell you about ‘Relationships Matter’, a new FREE resource for primary school teachers they have recently released.

The Government has introduced a new compulsory subject into the basic curriculum for primary schools in England called Relationships Education. This subject becomes compulsory this month, but schools have been allowed to delay starting teaching until summer term 2021, if they have not had adequate consultation with parents. Relationships Education is distinct from Sex Education which is not compulsory in primary schools.

As parents will not have the right to withdraw their children from Relationships Education, many parents have become concerned by the content of schemes of work proposed for use in these lessons. In some cases concerns have been because of the inclusion of material of a sexual nature, or the inclusion of concepts parents consider inappropriate for the age or developmental stage of their children, or by the inclusion of material which conflicts with their religious beliefs or family values.

Lovewise believes that their new resource, ‘Relationships Matter’ fulfils the Government Guidance for this new subject, but also remains faithful to God’s truth. They should be most grateful if we would make the parents and teachers of primary school age children in our churches aware of this resource.

Relationships Matter

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