Who Stole Christmas?

Lots of people this year will feel like Covid-19 has robbed them of Christmas. Whether it’s a shortage of Chinese-manufactured gifts, or lockdown restrictions putting the kybosh on celebrations, things are going to be very different. But it might just open a door for the gospel, according to Phil Heaps, author of the new Christmas giveaway book "Who Stole Christmas?".
"Covid-19 and the lockdown mean many churches are planning to do things differently this Christmas," says Phil, who is Co-Pastor of Highbury Baptist Church in London. "But even if you've cancelled or scaled back your carol service, or other outreach, there are still ways to pass on the good news of Jesus to your neighbours this year”.
Phil wrote his new book before Covid restrictions looked set to really disrupt Christmas, but now the message is more relevant than ever. He reckons even just the title will really resonate and prompt gospel conversations. The book is ideal to be bought in bulk and distributed to friends, neighbours and church visitors, either alongside or as an alternative to regular Christmas evangelism programmes. Some churches are even planning large scale drops of the text straight into the letter boxes of properties around their neighbourhood.
"The tragedy is many people are fooled by a Christmas that leaves just an empty feeling. But the real Christmas message has everything we need. Hopefully this short book will help churches bring the wonderful news of the real Christmas to their neighbourhoods this year. It only takes twenty minutes to read, but it might just be the best Christmas present your neighbours have ever had!"

It is available at a bulk discount of £100 for 100 copies so is ideal for church leaders to buy and give out to members/contacts etc.

"Who Stole Christmas?" is now available to preview on PDF and order via its own website.


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