London Church defies lockdown

The Angel Church in London was in the news yesterday, Sunday 15 November, as they went ahead with a planned service including a baptism, in defiance of the government’s lockdown rules. About thirty worshippers had gathered but Metropolitan Police officers prevented them entering the building. Eventually, some kind of meeting with fifteen people present was allowed to take place in the building and another fifteen took part in an outdoor service nearby.

Asked how he would feel if someone attending the service became ill or died, the pastor, Regan King, said: “It would be a tragedy. But remember, death is something that comes to everyone. We have developed, I believe, a real idol of safety. We take risks on a daily basis. We have to accept the tragedy of death… we are pointing to hope beyond death.” Therefore, he does not believe the closures are lawful.

Graham Nicholls, Director of Affinity, commented:

“We acknowledge that Christian leaders have a range of views in relation to whether the government is justified in closing church buildings in England during the current four-week lockdown. In evangelical circles some believe the closure is a wise move to help protect the NHS and public health whilst others are convinced that the closures are unlawful and unreasonable, yet seek to obey the restrictions. Some go further and suggest Christians meet regardless, particularly as there has been no evidence presented to suggest that places of worship are responsible for virus spreading.

 As a network which represents over 100,000 Christians, we want to respect all those brothers and sisters who have thought and prayed over this issue in recent weeks and reached a conclusion with their leadership teams on their course of action.

However, specifically in relation to the recent media coverage of Pastor Regan King at the Angel Church, whether or not we agree with his stand, it is encouraging to see a church leader who is led by the conviction that ultimately we are in the service of the King of kings, and is therefore willing to take a stand and speak on record, irrespective of the consequences, when he believes the state has overstepped its role. I believe there are other evangelical churches who have taken a similar position to Regan but chosen not to publicly share this.”

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It gladdens my heart to see that this Pastor has exercised courage and defied the lockdown rules. Covid 19 is not bubonic plague!

Thank you Regan for making a stand with sensitivity & following your conviction.

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