Land of Revivals - Outpourings of God's Spirit in Wales

A very exciting new video project is seeking funding before the end of this month - and your support could help get it off the ground.

The project is 'Land of Revivals', a new feature-length documentary from Pugh Productions and in association with Media Gratiae on the history of revival in Wales. You can use the link below to read more, watch the introduction video (specially produced for this crowdfund), and to back the project.

The video will be fronted by Jonathan Thomas, a church pastor and broadcaster (on BBC Radio Wales and elsewhere). The filmmaker is Dan Pugh, who released his first feature-length documentary in 2019 - 'Matthew Henry: The Life & Times of the Bible Commentator' - distributed by Media Gratiae on DVD and via online streaming.

More about the project:

Wales is a small country on the western fringe of Great Britain. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, dominated by mountains, and overshadowed by its dominant neighbor England, the spiritual history of Wales has been little known throughout the Christian church more widely. Yet Wales has a rich evangelical heritage, and for almost two centuries between the early eighteenth century and the dawn of the twentieth century it seemed to be unusual in the frequency with which it experienced powerful revivals of religion. Indeed, sometimes Wales has been called the ‘Land of Revivals’. This film explores these revivals, introducing them and some of their leaders to a wider Christian audience.

The film will examine the spiritual and external factors which contributed to both the rise and decline of the church in Wales during this period, and allow important lessons to be derived by today’s audience concerning the means and methods of the Lord’s workings in the past.

“Knowing all about revivals won’t make them happen. But, neither will ignorance of them.” (Richard Owen Roberts)

The documentary will be filmed on location across the length and breadth of Wales, along with interview contributors to fill in additional details and insights. Additional b-roll and drone footage will be filmed of the stunning scenery and landscapes of Wales, from beautiful coastlines to majestic mountain ranges.

The development of internationally renowned Welsh hymns during these two centuries will be of particular interest to many. Timothy Johnston, composer of the excellent soundtrack for ‘Matthew Henry’, will score the film, incorporating timeless Welsh hymn tunes with original music. Archive congregational Welsh hymn singing, recorded for Welsh BBC Radio during the latter part of the 20th century, has also been made available by the owner of the recordings, and will further help transport the viewer into Welsh culture.

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