Affinity is a fellowship of Churches, evangelical Agencies and Christians. Through our fellowship in Affinity we seek to express the unity all God's people enjoy because they belong to Jesus Christ.

Affinity Partners

We warmly invite other Bible-centred denominations, associations of churches and individual congregations to become Affinity Partners. By identifying with each other in this way we can present a stronger witness and greatly encourage each other. We have so much to teach and learn from one another; so much to give and receive.

Corporate Partners

Independent Partner Churches

Download Independent Partner Church Application Form and Affinity Doctrinal Basis


Affinity Associates

Affinity is a ‘church-centred partnership’ driven by, and accountable to, the churches. This partnership has been significantly enriched as evangelical Christian agencies - Bible colleges, missions, publishers, special interest groups and a wide variety of other Christian service providers - have identified with us as Affinity Associates.

Affinity Associates

Download Associate Application Form and Affinity Doctrinal Basis

Affinity Personal Members

We encourage Christians to become Affinity Personal Members. In becoming a Personal Member you identify personally with the witness of the Gospel churches and agencies belonging to Affinity.

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