Foundations' Articles on World Mission

A number of articles relating to World Mission have been published in Foundations. You can find the following articles in the Foundations Archive.

Liberation Theology... A World Away? by Roger W. Welch
Foundations 3 (November 1979) pages 2-10

Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally by Keith Morris
Foundations 9 (November 1982) pages 55-59 

Liberation Theology and the Ulster Question by Sidney Garland
Foundations 15 (Autumn 1985) pages 21-34 

Mission Part I: Back to Basics by Robert Rodgers
Foundations 17 (Autumn 1986) pages 18-25 

Mission Part II: Abandoning Basics by Robert Rodgers
Foundations 17 (Autumn 1986) pages 26-34

Islam In Britain: Threat or Opportunity? by Merle Inniger
Foundations 20 (Spring 1988) pages 13-21

The Gospel and the World: 1989 Study Conference Summary by Keith Walker
Foundations 22 (Spring 1989) pages 12-23 

An Indigenous Initiative by Paul Finch
Foundations 23 (Autumn 1989) pages 34-36

No Other Name by Hywel Rees Jones
Foundations 24 (Spring 1990) pages 22-33 

Missionary Scene in the 1980s by John Wallis
Foundations 24 (Spring 1990) pages 13-15 

Salvation without Evangelism? Review article on Mission and Meaninglessness by Daniel Webber
Foundations 26 (Spring 1991) pages 22-25 

World Missions Following San Antonio and Manila
Foundations 26 (Spring 1991) pages 13-21

Liberation Theology: Origins and Early Development by Eddy Muskus
Foundations 29 (Autumn 1992) pages 30-41

Theological Reflection & Jewish Evangelism by John Ross
Foundations 36 (Spring 1996) pages 27-33

Holistic Mission by John MacPherson
Foundations 41 (Autumn 1988) pages 3-13

The Local Church and World Mission by Peter Milsom
Foundations 44 (Spring 2000) pages 30-36

Preaching Mission in the Regular Life of the Church by Ray Porter
Foundations 44 (Spring 2000) pages 3-8

Calvin’s Influence on Mission by Eifion Evans
Foundations 48 (Spring 2002) pages 4-15

Evangelicals and Roman Catholicism by Leonard de Chirico. Review article by Bill Nikides
Foundations 53 (Spring 2005): pages 44-47

The Mission of God Review article by Bill Nikides
Foundations 57 (May 2007) pages 43-47

Mission in Europe: Biblical Basis and Cultural Context by Daniel Webber
Foundations 57 (May 2007) pages 3-15

Roman Catholicism and the Evangelical Alternative by Leonardo de Chirico
Foundations 57 (May 2007) pages 16-21

 Evangelical Mission Organisations, Postmodern Controversies, and the New Heartbeat of Mission by Thorsten Prill
Foundations 61 (Autumn 2011)

Thorsten has already agreed to do a re-write at a more popular level of this one.