Foundations is an international journal of evangelical theology published by Affinity.

Its aim is to cover contemporary theological issues by articles and reviews, taking in exegesis, biblical theology, church history and apologetics, and to indicate their relevance to pastoral ministry. Its particular focus is the theology of evangelical churches which are committed to biblical truth and evangelical ecumenism. It has been published by Affinity (formerly The British Evangelical Council) from its inception as a print journal. It became a digital journal in May 2011.

Foundations is published twice each year exclusively online at

It is offered in two formats:

PDF (for citing pagination) and
HTML (for greater accessibility, usability, and infiltration in search engines).

Foundations is copyrighted by Affinity. Readers are free to use it and circulate it in digital form without further permission (any print use requires further written permission), but they must acknowledge the source and, of course, not change the content.


Ralph Cunnington

Associate Editors

Iain D Campbell
Free Church of Scotland, Point, and Westminster Seminary

Bob Fyall
Cornhill Training Course (Scotland)

David McKay
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland

Dan Strange
Oak Hill College, London

Ted Turnau
Anglo-American University, Prague & Wales Evangelical School of Theology

Keith Walker
International Strategic Development Director, SIM International

Garry Williams
The John Owen Centre, London Theological Seminary

Peter Williams
Tyndale House, Cambridge



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