The 2019 Conference

The next Theological Study Conference will be 13-15 March, 2019 at King's Park Conference Centre in Northampton. Men and women interested in the subject are welcome to attend.

Full details of the theme, the papers and the contributors, as well as access to online booking for the event, are available here.

Why not come as a group from your church to discuss the issues raised more widely?


Introducing the Theological Study Conference

Affinity Theological Study Conferences have been held bi-annually since the 1970s. The conferences have a number of purposes:

  • to seek to bring about greater understanding of those issues over which evangelicals are divided;
  • to consider areas of theology which are of special concern in the contemporary world;
  • to encourage greater theological reflection within the churches.

The conference is attended by delegates from Affinity Partners and Associates. Church
leaders and Christians, who can subscribe to Affinity’s statement of faith, and who are in
sympathy with Affinity’s aims, are also welcome to attend.

Recent conferences have addressed the following issues: the Ministry of Women; Hermeneutics; the Image of God; Worship; the Incarnation; the Law and the Doctrine of Scripture. Earlier conferences considered: Charismatic Gifts, Preaching the Gospel, and the Gospel and Social Action.

While the papers are often of a very high standard, the conference is not academic, in the narrow sense of the word. The focus and emphasis is upon the church, not the academy. Most, though not all, of those who attend are pastors or full time church workers. There is an inevitable range of theological awareness and understanding amongst the conference members, but all are serious in their desire to be ‘stretched’ in order to be better equipped to apply the Faith to the contemporary church and to present the gospel in today’s world.

Format of the Conference

The conference is a real conference with extensive opportunities to confer. Six papers are prepared by different speakers on subjects relevant to the overall theme for the conference. The papers are circulated to conference members about 4-6 weeks in advance of the conference.

At the beginning of each conference session the speaker introduces his paper for about 20 minutes. This introduction is intended to highlight key areas in the paper and matters which are particularly profitable for discussion. After this introduction, there is opportunity to put questions for clarification. The conference`members then break into small groups to discuss the issues raised by the speaker. After this there is a plenary session when questions from the floor can be addressed to the speaker. The chairman then invites the speaker to have a last word before briefly summing up the session.The majority of the time, therefore, is devoted to discussion. The final speaker tries to draw some of the threads of the conference together in his, slightly longer, introduction and the Conference Chairman gives a final summing up.


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