Mission Resource Papers

The Affinity World Focus Team has published a series of Resource Papers to provide information and advice about World Mission for churches and Christians.

The Resource Papers will assist churches in matters such as developing a Mission Policy and preparing and commissioning Christians for missionary service.

Christians considering short-term or long-term missionary service will find information about opportunities with Affinity Associate mission agencies and also advice on how to prepare for missionary service.


Mission Resource Papers

MRP1 The Affinity World Focus Team

MRP 2a Useful Mission-related Websites - Affinity Partners and Associates

MRP 2b Useful Mission-related Websites

MRP 3 The Biblical imperative for Mission

MRP 4 Examples of Local Church Cross-cultural Mission Policy Statements 

MRP 5 Check List to Assess your Church's Vision for, and Involvement in, World Mission

MRP 6 Motivating the Local Church for World Mission  

MRP 7 Partnership in Cross-cultural Mission 

MRP 8 Good Practice for Churches Commissioning Members for Long-term Missionary Service

MRP 9 Pre-field Training, Orientation and Preparation for Missionary Candidates 

MRP 10 Readings in Cross-cultural Mission

MRP 11 Guidelines for Missionary Candidates in Developing a Prayer Support Team

MRP 12 Good Practice for Pastoral Visits by Church Leaders to Missionaries Overseas

MRP 13 The Role of the Commissioning Church in Overseas Crisis Situations Impacting Missionaries 

MRP 14 Good Practice for Churches Commissioning Members for Short-term Mission Service 

MRP 15 Short-term Mission Service Options with Agencies Affiliated to Affinity

MRP 16 International Links of Affinity Partners and Associates

MRP 17 The Lausanne Standards