Agency Members

Affinity has been significantly enriched as evangelical Christian agencies - Bible colleges, missions, publishers, special interest groups and a wide variety of other Christian service providers - have identified with us as Agency Members.

Affinity provides a context in which evangelical Christian agencies can co-operate with each other and serve the churches more effectively. The fellowship and commitment of Affinity Agency Members are an important part of the life and witness of Affinity.

If your organisation is interested in becoming an Affinity Agency Member please download the application form or contact us at

The current Affinity Associates are:

Access Insurance

Each church is different, facing unique risks and challenges.  Access work alongside churches, understanding their unique situation so we can build a specific insurance policy to cover the risks they face. Run on Christian principles, Access Insurance advises over 15,000 churches and charities. Our approach ensures the organisations we work with get the cover they actually need without paying for anything unnecessary.

Our Christian faith informs both the way we do business and how we use the resources God has given us. By 2025 we aim to be giving £500,000 to charity each year. We are also setting up a fund churches can apply to for small grants for community, outreach and evangelism projects.

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Africa Inland Mission International

AIM Europe is a Christian mission sending agency. Our vision is be a community called and sent to live and minister among Africa’s least-reached peoples. Our heart is to see the worship of Jesus Christ spread across the continent of Africa – through individual lives fully committed to him, and collectively through Christ-centred church communities. The Church in Africa is vast and growing daily. But with over 1000 African people groups who have yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, the task is far from finished.

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The mission connects churches with ministry among the unreached peoples of Asia.  We firmly believe that God wants churches around the world to work alongside Him in fulfilling the Great Commission.  A critical feature of our work is the investment we make in these congregations to awaken and encourage this vision.  We also help indigenous church leaders to direct their own outreach among Asia's least-reached peoples. 
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Barnabas Fund

We stand alongside our Christian brothers and sisters where they suffer discrimination and persecution by providing aid through our partners on the ground, encouraging prayer, telling their story and speaking out on their behalf.
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Bible Centred Ministries International UK

BCMI is a global, bible-centred ministry concerned about the spiritual needs of children and dedicated to making disciples of all age groups for the Lord Jesus Christ.  We pursue this through evangelism, teaching and training by means of children's Bible clubs, mainly in schools;  children's Bible camps; and providing training to those working with children in church settings so that churches are established and strengthened. 
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Carey Outreach Ministries

Our passion is to encourage, equip and empower spiritual leaders who influence hundreds of churches and many thousands of people.  We have rapidly expanded globally in response to the desperate need for solid Biblical training.  We are not content to work in places where theological resources are readily available so we advance by faith into sometimes difficult countries, spreading reformed truth in areas without established theological training centres. 
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Christian Concern

Our passion is to see the UK return to the Christian faith. Our nation has been shaped and defined by this faith for hundreds of years. In recent decades the nation has largely turned her back on Jesus and embraced alternative ideas such as secular liberal humanism, moral relativism and sexual license as is to be seen in widespread family breakdown, immorality and social disintegration.

We believe that this nation has a hope found in Jesus Christ. We seek to awaken the Church and we want to work to infuse a biblical worldview into every aspect of society and to be a strong Christian voice in the public sphere,
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Christian Education Europe

CEE is a non-denominational Christian ministry that aims to assist home-educating parents and Christian schools by providing curriculum and support, enabling them to provide Christ-centred education for their children - not just on Sunday, but every day of the week.

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Christian Focus Publications

CFP is all about the message of the Gospel;  God's Word communicated in the Bible.  We produce Christian books with the express purpose of staying faithful to the infallible Word and reaching out to our world with His Gospel.  We aim to equip all levels of readers for life, work, ministry and mission.  We have books that have been translated into over 70 different languages.  We are a distinctively evangelical, though not denominational, publisher.
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Christian Safeguarding Services

CSS exists to support churches in the area of safeguarding. We are a one-stop service for all a churches safeguarding needs. We provide an advice line, DBS checks, policy, audit and review as well as consultancy services CSS has been delivering Safeguarding training to churches and Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) since 2012. We have a passion to support evangelical churches and FBOs by helping to develop best practice in safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults at risk of abuse. We approach safeguarding from a biblical perspective and help churches to develop practice that flows naturally from our gospel principles while at the same time, complying with national guidance.

We provide a flexible range of services including policy development, bespoke training and consultancy services and an advice line.

Contact at:   For more information visit:  Phone: 0116 2184420.

Church Society

The Church Society is an evangelical Anglican charity established to promote and uphold the evangelical foundations of the Church of England. It exists to strengthen local churches in biblical faith and to help shape the Church of England now and in the future.
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Contact for Christ

Contact for Christ is an agency which puts people who are investigating the Christian faith in touch with someone local who can help them find answers to their questions. It has provided this service to enquirers (aged 16+) in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland since 1976. Contact for Christ is a unique service in that it requires all of those who wish to become a “Contact for Christto be registered: to complete an application form and provide the names of two referees. The Contact for Christ register is comprised of around 700 Christians drawn from a wide range of evangelical churches.
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Cor Deo

Cor Deo exists to multiply believers 'after God's own heart'.  Join us as we respond to God together and share His heart with others!  Cor Deo offers a variety of events and programmes:  a 6 month full-time training programme;  'Delighted by God' conferences;  evening classes;  1 day seminars and a week long intensive giving a taste of Cor Deo training, studying the Bible, theology, history and ministry. 
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Cornerstone North East

We are an Independent Fostering and Post Adoption Support Agency specialising in offering permanent homes to children in the care of Local Authorities.  We provide 'forever families' who care for a child or a sibling group, beyond their time in care.  Many children we have placed 'forever' (on a permanent basis) have now been adopted by their foster carers.  We support our families throughout the adoption process and after the adoption order has been granted.
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A group of Christian Schools Workers, partnering with local communities in several parts of England, to enable young people in schools to critically engage with the Christian faith in a fun and relevant way through PSHRE lessons, assemblies, lunch clubs and experiences. In these ways young people are better placed to make their own informed response to the claims of Jesus.
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Daylight Christian Prison Trust

Daylight, working in partnership with prison chaplains, supports prisoners during their sentence and provides practical post-release support to ex-offenders, to reduce the likelihood of re-offending.  Daylight works to share the Gospel of Christ with prisoners and to support them during their sentence by running chapel services, group Bible studies, one-to-one Bible studies, writing to individual prisoners and visiting prisoners needing individual support.
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Day One Christian Ministries

Day One started in 1831 as the Lord's Day Observance Society. Today, Day One, through preaching, publications and parliamentary action, campaigns for Sunday to be a day of worship and rest, particularly as it is increasingly under threat from retail businesses, sports events and entertainment.  Publishing became a core activity for Day One with the mission to publish and promote exciting and unique, high quality, Bible-based media to a worldwide market.
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Edward Connor Solicitors

Edward Connor Solicitors is both a Christian charity and a fully-regulated law firm providing
Christ-centred legal expertise to churches and Christian organisations. We share our clients’ aim of advancing Christ’s kingdom and we seek to use our legal expertise to help ministries to flourish by being biblically faithful as well as legally compliant. We love partnering with
churches and other Christian charities to provide them with expert legal advice on many areas,
including charity law, property law and employment law.
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Evangelical Housing Association Ltd.

The EHA was established in 1974 to serve the needs of retiring FIEC or Grace Baptist affiliated ministers and their wives, as well as similarly affiliated missionaries who have served abroad or in the UK.  The aim is to provide a secure home for the retirement of those who have lived in church or mission housing throughout their years in the Lord's service.  At present the association owns and manages in the region of 20 properties throughout England and Wales.
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Evangelical Press

EP is a non-profit publisher of books and a mission organisation.  Its mission is to place sound Christian books and sound Biblical teaching all across the world in multiple languages.  It serves a reformed, conservative, evangelical constituency.  Sales of books are intended to fund mission activities where overflow permits;  books are supplied almost at cost for mission purposes.
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Faith in Later Life

Faith in later life seeks to inspire and equip Christians and churches to reach, serve and empower older people in every community, so that they may live fulfilled and fruitful lives in older age.
They provide practical advice, inspiration and resources to assist churches in this ministry.
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Frontiers’ goal is to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel where Christ is not known. We seek to establish strong multiplying indigenous Bible teaching churches among Muslim ethnic people groups, especially where currently there are few or no believers. Our teams serve the local community, often as teachers or in business or aid and development, while inviting Muslims to follow Jesus Christ. Believing Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations is for the whole church we help local churches send individuals and teams for the growing harvest across the Muslim world. Internationally 1,200 adult field members serve on 250 teams in 53 countries. Many British field members and office staff are sent out from Affinity member churches.
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Gospel For Asia

Gospel for Asia's mission is to share the Good News of Jesus with those who have never heard his name.  We train and send national missionaries to reach out into areas where the Good News of Jesus Christ has not yet been heard.  For over 30 years Gospel for Asia continues to bring aid and hope to some of the most downtrodden people in the Eastern Hemisphere.
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Go Teach

Our purpose is to glorify God by advancing the Christian faith through the production of Bible teaching material for use with children and young people.  While taking into account what is suitable for each age group, the teaching material is based on a syllabus designed to teach fundamental Bible truth; give a basic framework of Bible history;  teach the main events of the life and work of Christ and introduce the Bible's other main characters and events.
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Grace Baptist Partnership

The partnership aims to bring together representatives of our various Grace Baptist constituencies for concerted prayer and joint endeavour in the area of church planting.  Our aim is to help churches plant churches and the partnership itself will not plant churches.  We will provide Biblical counsel, training, practical experience, research and assessment services and materials helpful in worship and witness for those involved in planting new Grace Baptist churches. 
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Jubilee Centre

The Jubilee Centre is a Christian social reform organisation that offers a Biblical perspective on contemporary issues and underlying trends in society, of relevance to the general public.  We believe the Bible describes a coherent vision for society that has enduring relevance for Britain and the world in the 21st Century.  We seek to study, disseminate and apply this vision in order to provide a positive response to the challenges faced by individuals, communities and policy makers. 
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London City Mission

London City Mission exists to serve the Church in London in sharing the love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ with the least reached communities in London. It is estimated that one in three Londoners are unlikely to hear the gospel in their lifetime. These are the people who are unlikely to have a Christian friend to invite them to church or introduce them to the hope they can find in Jesus Christ. London City Mission works alongside the churches of London to share the gospel with those least likely to hear it.
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London Seminary

London Seminary delivers rigorous training by proven leaders for the next generation of pastors and preachers, as well as lifelong learning and mentoring programmes for those in ministry.
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Mission Care

Mission Care is a Christian charity that operates five care homes across Bromley and Southwark, all of which are committed to providing a high standard of person-centred care to our residents and their family and friends. The work also extends into the community via their dementia-friendly café in the heart of Bromley and to vulnerable people outside of the UK through their involvement in our international projects.   
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Oak Hill Theological College

Oak Hill aims to provide the best possible training for gospel ministry.  We want students to increase their knowledge of God and his Word and to develop the ability to share that knowledge with people around them.  At the same time, we want students to mature as Christians and show Christ to others in all that they say and do.  To this end, we offer programmes in Theological and Pastoral Studies.  
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Praise Trust

Praise! Online is the newest and easiest way to get all the available Praise! resources and to keep up to date with new additions and features.  It includes a regular supply of recent hymns, songs and newly commissioned items, along with support for your musicians.  The Praise! hymn book contains 1,000 of the best of modern hymns and songs, together with strong traditional hymns and every Biblical Psalm, all in the language of the 21st Century.
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ReachAcross (formerly known as Red Sea Mission Team)

ReachAcross is dedicated to sharing the gospel with Muslims, teaching new believers and planting churches. We seek to reach Muslims throughout the world: in the traditional heartlands of Islam as well as in the West. The majority of our missionaries are serving among unreached people groups in North Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East where often there is less than 0.1% who are evangelical Christians. Contact via website enquiry form at or email

Sharing Christ Internationally

The object of the Trust is the advancement of the Christian faith throughout the world.  The work done in line with the above objective includes evangelism, translation, publication and distribution of the Bible and a range of Christian books, songs and films into Mongolian.  Editions of the Mongolian Bible include a small print version and a large print version for those with low vision available in secular bookshops in Ulaan Baatar also available in South Korea, USA and UK.
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The ministry of The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association is one of personal evangelism. Uniquely we are permitted, subject to the recommendation of the Chaplain and permission of the Commanding Officer, to visit soldiers and airmen in their accommodation, work and recreational areas. This is done with a view to befriending them and introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Solas Centre for Public Christianity

Solas is an evangelism and training ministry working across the whole of the UK. Their team of speakers work with churches, Christian Unions, and other Christian organisations to help them share the gospel in their communities, as well as helping equip Christians to share their faith at work, school, or with their peers. Solas also has a huge digital presence and the Solas website is full of thousands of free resources — from evangelistic videos ideal for sharing on social media, to training resources for use in churches. Check them out online, or invite them to run an evangelism event or training seminar in your village, town, or city.
Contact: Website: Social Media: @solascpc

The Good Book Company

We are dedicated to helping individual Christians and local churches grow.  We believe that God's growth process always starts with hearing clearly what He has said to us through His timeless Word - the Bible.  We strive to provide resources that promote daily Bible reading, enable evangelism, equip churches for Word-centred ministry, train the Bible teachers of the future and support overseas mission.
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Teach Ministries UK

Teach Ministries UK is run by Tirzah Jones, who is experienced in both Youth and Children’s Work. She has been involved in children’s and youth work most of her life. Her experience includes ‘Third Culture Kids’ work with missionary children from many countries, involvement in on-the-field mission training, and UK church work in rural and town settings. In addition Tirzah Lectures in Children’s and Youth Ministry.
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Time for Change Ministries

Time for Change Ministries provide Biblical resources for use in the prison environment. These resources are written in a way that clearly expounds the passage and presents the gospel, while taking into account certain factors that specifically affect prisoners. These include the average literacy level of a UK prisoner, prevalent mental health issues, ADHD and vulnerabilities of prisoners. The result is an interactive and engaging presentation of the Bible.
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T2t run a youth and children's centre in Middlesborough with the aim of providing on-the-job training for believers aged 17+ in both teaching the Bible for all ages and in running outreach ministries for young people.  The aim is to encourage and equip churches, who send volunteers to the centre, to be better able to be effective in their youth and children's ministries
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True Freedom Trust

TfT is a confidential Christian support and teaching ministry that holds to authentically Biblical teaching on sexuality.  We offer support to individuals who experience same-sex attraction but who choose not to embrace a gay identify or to pursue a same-sex relationship because of convictions of faith.  We also support families, friends and church leaders of those who experience same-sex attraction.
Contact on  0151 653 0773   For more information visit

UFM Worldwide

UFM Worldwide exists to support churches in making disciples of all nations. Our priorities are to take the gospel to the least reached and to serve under-resourced churches around the world. We currently serve:

- Over 210 mission partners, from 28 nations
- Sent by 90 gospel hearted churches, serving in 37 different countries

UFM missionaries are involved in ministries including pioneer evangelism, church planting, pastoral & theological education, youth & children’s ministry, student work, medical work & practical projects. UFM is an evangelical, interdenominational mission. 

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Union School of Theology (formerly WEST)

UST is an integral part of UNION.  Union is all about mission: growing leaders for growing churches.  Yet mission must be theologically fuelled if it is to be fruitful and hardy. Union operates in four interrelating departments: Research; School: Resources; and Mission.  The School department operates as UST which is about growing leaders at their Bridgend, south Wales campus and in learning communities to deliver a world-class theological education - from BA to PhD.
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