Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland Theological Journal 2021

The Faculty of the Reformed Theological College, Belfast, have published the 2021 edition of their Reformed Theological Journal.

The Journal can be downloaded here free as a zip file in three formats, mobi(Kindle), epub(e-readers)and pdf

This issue includes the following articles as well as various book reviews:

‘A Practice Which Is Fraught With Misery And Ruin To Multitudes’
Thomas Houston’s denunciation of horse racing analysed and evaluated.
By Raymond Blair

Studying Discourse Grammar In New Testament Greek With Biblemesh: A Review Article
By Warren J. Peel

For Goodness’ Sake
Words, deeds and mission: a guide for deacons
By Joel Loughridge

Gospel Confidence
By Jeremy Walker

The Office Of Deacon In The Scottish Presbyterian Tradition
By Rowland S. Ward

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