The new edition of Foundations has been published - Spring 2022

We are delighted to publish the latest issue of our theological journal Foundations. All articles are free to view online or download.

Issue 82 includes a variety of articles on topics ranging from views on whether we worship the same God as Muslims, and how we communicate the gospel to them, to an introduction (or perhaps a deep dive) into Dutch philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd. Each article aims to challenge and broaden our understanding of a number of different theological conversations.

Dr Donald John MacLean, Editor of Foundations, writes in his Editorial:

One of the roles that I hope Foundations can fulfil is to provide a forum for rigorous theological debate and interaction on areas where there will be disagreements among the broad constituency that Foundations serves. All articles must, of course, remain within the bounds of the doctrinal basis of Affinity.[1] But within that agreed perimeter this academic journal provides an outlet for discussion and refinement of views that will hopefully lead us together to that growth that we all desire “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). To that end, this issue features articles that continue past debates and present views which I find fundamentally unpersuasive. But presenting these things and facilitating further discussion can only be of benefit.

We hope you will enjoy Foundations 82 - and please do encourage others to read it as well! 

The whole issue is available to read online here:

Foundations 82 - Spring 2022

or to download free here:

Foundations 82 PDF - Spring 2022

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