Our Mission Statement

We seek to declare and demonstrate the unity of Christ's Church for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom in the following ways:

Gospel Partnership

We encourage strong, meaningful relationships between Bible-centred churches in order to assist the growth of gospel ministry.

We seek to:
•    Facilitate the formation and development of regional and local church partnerships
•    Foster mutual recognition, understanding and respect across traditional divides
•    Enable the sharing of resources and best practice
•    Support the planting and recommissioning of Bible-centred churches
•    Commend appropriate training for gospel ministry
•    Sponsor church-centred conferences and activities

Public Engagement

We apply biblical principles to public life in order to promote Christian standards of  morality and social justice.

We seek to:
•    Research and analyse current thinking and social policy in the light of Scripture
•    Keep our constituency informed of societal trends and impending legislation
•    Equip Christians to engage effectively with society
•    Represent Members' concerns to government departments
•    Release statements, and secure helpful access, to the media
•    Act, where appropriate, in co-operation with other groups and agencies

Theological Advocacy

We engage in theological research and discussion in order to advance and deepen an understanding and acceptance of biblical Christianity.

We seek to:
•    Monitor theological trends
•    Communicate within and beyond our own constituency
•    Sponsor the production of appropriate literature
•    Organise and participate in conferences
•    Resource ministers' fraternals
•    Clarify and promote the true basis of inter-church unity

World Focus

We enjoy fellowship with like-minded churches and evangelical agencies worldwide through our Partners and Associates which demonstrates that biblical church unity extends beyond national boundaries.  

We seek to:
•    Stimulate an informed global outlook and concern amongst Affinity churches
•    Encourage Affinity churches in prayerful, active and sacrificial involvement in world mission
•    Highlight the various international links of Members
•    Exchange biblical and theological insights on a global basis through conferences and our website
•    Encourage mission agencies within Affinity to work closely together