The latest Social Issues Bulletin is published today

The March issue of our Social Issues Bulletin is now available for download. It again covers a variety of topics from writers who are experts in their field.

We have an item on the rise and ongoing development Cornerstone, the UK's only Christian fostering and adoption agency; an article questioning the failed policy of multiculturalism; a look at the issue of Advance Decisions, otherwise known as 'Living Wills'; news about a new campaign for a Freedom of Religion law; a piece on the current fascination with superhero movies and some comment on the latest UK marriage statistics which were released earlier today. As usual we have an update on biomedical issues and a look at the current crop of legal cases of interest to Christians.

You may select the whole issue to download or just individual articles:

The Bulletin - March 2018

Introducing Cornerstone: the UK’s only Christian Adoption Agency – Pam Birtle

What is Wrong with Multiculturalism? – Tim Dieppe

Advance Decisions (Living Wills) – Roger Hitchings

The State of Freedom of Religion in the UK– Hendrik Storm

Pretty Super: Society’s Fascination with Superheroes – Regan King

Ding, Dong, the Bells will not be Chiming: The 2015 Marriage Statistics – Rod Badams

An Update on Life Issues - John Ling 


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