Become an Agency Member

Join with over 1,200 evangelical churches and organisations expressing the unity all God's people enjoy because they belong to Jesus Christ.

Agency membership

Become a part of a network where evangelical Christian organisations can co-operate with each other and serve gospel churches more effectively. The fellowship and commitment of Affinity Agency Members are an important part of the life and witness of Affinity.

The process of becoming an Agency member

Step 1: Make sure you meet our requirements for Agency membership (see below).

Step 2: Affirm our doctrinal basis.

Step 3: Fill out the membership application form.

Step 4: Once approved by our board of trustees we will send confirmation.


Can your organisation be a member of Affinity?

We have a small set of requirements that organisations need to meet in order to qualify for membership of Affinity:

  • Your charity or company must be based and operating in the UK or Ireland and have been established here for more than two years.
  • We ask that your organisation agrees with our doctrinal basis.
  • We ask for two references from local evangelical churches or organisations.
  • We ask you to support our work with an annual contribution. We suggest an annual donation based on the sliding scale below:
Organisation turnover
Less than £10,000 £90
Between £10,000 and £100,000 £110
Between £100,000 and £500,000 £180
Between £500,000 and £1 million £220
Between £1 million and £3 million £310
Over £3 million £575

Applications are sent to our board of trustees for review and approval.

Membership benefits

  • Connect to a large network of like-minded churches and organisations for mutual support, prayer and relationships
  • Have your organisation and contact details added to our website
  • Have your prayer requests added to our daily prayer calendar which is circulated to all our subscribers
  • Gain representation on a national platform as we speak up on behalf of evangelical churches and organisations
  • Get publicity for your organisation’s ministry, including promoting events, job opportunities, articles and more
  • Invite an Affinity speaker to your organisation to share on a range of cultural and theological topics
Membership FAQs
  • Each year we will send you a reminder to renew your membership.

  • If you have moved, please let us know by email at or phone 07936 048259.

  • If you are giving via standing order, you can make changes at your bank branch or on your internet banking account. Please do inform us if you make changes to your giving.

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