Throughout the year Affinity produces a variety of resources to aid and equip churches, organisations and Christians to engage meaningfully with society and deepen our knowledge of God. Each resource is made available for free by the generous support of our members and Affiliates.

Social Issues Bulletin

The Social Issues Bulletin is published three times a year by Affinity’s Social Issues Team to keep evangelical churches and individual Christians informed of the implications of legislation and public policy on social issues in the UK. It deals with issues in areas such as medical ethics, education, work, law, politics, marriage, disability and gender.


Foundations is an international journal of evangelical theology which has been published by Affinity since 1978. Its aim is to cover contemporary theological issues through original articles and reviews, taking in exegesis, biblical theology, church history and apologetics, and to indicate their relevance to pastoral ministry. Its particular focus is the theology of evangelical churches which are committed to biblical truth and evangelical ecumenism.

In Touch magazine

Our magazine, In Touch, is released twice a year and provides regular news and featured articles from Affinity and our members. It is made available in both print and digital formats which are distributed through churches and organisations across the country.

Prayer Calendar

Every month we produce a prayer calendar featuring requests from our members. Praying for one another is one of the ways we can demonstrate unity with our fellow Christians.

Challenging Leaders

Challenging Leaders is a practical guide for church leaders looking to prevent, or navigate accusations of, pastoral malpractice. It was written by a team of authors, coordinated by Affinity, who bring many years of pastoral experience, as well as wisdom and training in the area of abuse within the church.

Reasoning in the Public Square

Graham Nicholls, Director of Affinity has written a book which helps us to think through not only why we should give a reason for our faith, but how we can do it. He shares valuable experience with traditional and new media, local church outreach, community projects and one–to–one evangelism.

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