Reasoning in the Public Square

Delivering the Changeless Message Through Ever–Changing Media

Christians are called to visibly live out our faith, but we also need to be able to reasonably explain what we believe and why. Graham Nicholls’ practical book will help us do just that.

It’s easy to think that our faith is personal, something which should be expressed behind closed doors or with other Christians. But we are called to be a light to the world, to be able to give a reason for our faith. Reasoning in the Public Square helps us to think through not only why we should do that, but how we can do it.

The world needs to hear the gospel, and there are a whole host of ways we can publicly proclaim our faith. From identifying the key battle lines where there is friction between Christianity and modern Western society, to engaging with mainstream media; from street preaching to an evangelistic online presence, this book exhorts Christians to be salt and light wherever God gives them opportunities.


Evangelism comes easier when Christians think about it and plan for it, Graham Nicholls contends. For those who may be unsure or unused to sharing their faith, he offers a myriad of practical ideas, including where to go and what to say. For evangelical Christians living in an increasingly secular culture, Reasoning in the Public Square is a helpful and encouraging tool.

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

Senior Writer/Faith and Work Editor at The Gospel Coalition

From wisdom on answering common objections to Christianity, to engaging the media and being salt and light online and in politics, this is an excellent call for Christians to combine truth and grace as we take the glorious gospel beyond just our own circles and into the public square. You’ll find this book clear, compelling and creative.

James Mildred

Director of Communications and Engagement at CARE

For many years, I have believed that Christians need to not just respond to what is happening in the public square, but actively get involved in the conversation. I’m grateful to Graham for sharing some helpful ideas and tips to help us start that journey, especially if this is new to us. This book provides an honest assessment of the landscape, speaking into the challenges we face but more importantly the many opportunities ahead to witness to Christ. I pray this book will help you, whether as a church leader or just a Christian to consider stepping up in making your voice heard in the public square.

Adam May

Ministry Development Consultant and Public Relations Advisor

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