Time4Service - a conference for Christian men and women aged 50+

Guidance into retirement – principles and priorities: as you approach or are already in retirement, what does the Bible have to say about the principles and priorities of this time of life?

This event, run by the Association Of Grace Baptist Churches (South East) - but open to those of other churches too - is designed to give a positive affirmation and encouragement to those who are over 50 to continue to serve the Lord in their churches (and maybe elsewhere). It includes great Bible teaching from John and Ann Benton and interactive times for sharing experiences of older life and the challenges of how best to serve the Lord in changing circumstances.

The three sessions are:

  • not the retiring type - what Genesis teaches about the place of work in our lives
  • who stole the meat in the sandwich? - how a Christian in the “Sandwich Generation” should meet responsibilities to parents, children and grandchildren
  • armed and active, not armed and dangerous - how to use your experience to build up and not knock down the church and God’s kingdom

The conference will be held over 20-22 June in Northampton and full details can be found here.


Sounds great. But at 65 and still pastoring, I wonder if people are retiring too early.

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