Review Article - Margins of Islam: Ministry in Diverse Muslim Contexts

The new edition of Foundations contains a major review article on a new book on mission to Muslims by Mark Pickett who works with UFM Worldwide. He begins his review of "Margins of Islam: Ministry in Diverse Muslim Contexts" with these words:

"I was in Indonesia last year, teaching in a couple of seminaries. That vast archipelago constitutes the most populous Muslim-majority nation on Earth. Just a few months earlier, the country was shocked when radical Islamists (from one family as it happens) killed thirteen worshippers at Easter services in the city of Surabaya. That violent extremism seemed far away from the folk I met there, such as the middle-aged hijabi who sat next to me on the long train journey across the island and offered me a share of her snacks. I also met the leader of a movement of people, outside mainstream evangelicalism, who meet regularly in small groups to read the Bible and worship Jesus. After twenty years, the movement’s leaders reckon their numbers have now reached six figures. The key feature of these vignettes for our purposes is that all these people would identify as Muslims..."

The full review is available here and the complete journal (over 180 pages, including other book reviews) can be found here.




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