Affinity welcomes Oasis Community Church, Aberdare

We are delighted to welcome a new Independent Partner Church into the Affinity family. Oasis Community Church is based in Aberdare and worships in and serves the local community in that part of the Welsh valleys.

Since its inception in 2015, the church has been keen to develop links with other churches for support and  accountability. They hope that Affinity can provide a measure of both of these as they continue to establish themselves further within the Body of Christ and his Kingdom. 

During the current crisis the church has been very active, seeking to keep a visible presence in the community by broadcasting services on various social media platforms. They have been approached by the local council to take over the care of more than 50 vulnerable people who are having to be shielded. For a small church this has been a huge undertaking and along with their own elderly people and those who attend the various programmes, they have more than 100 people being cared for. They have had to employ two ladies recently because the amount of shopping, trips to pharmacies etc was becoming a huge burden for the team of volunteers.

Miraculously, someone whom they supported many years ago with some charity work, has donated whatever money they needed to organise and provide this essential service to the community.

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