Issue No 78

Spring 2020



Donald John MacLean

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God is Our Refuge and Strength

Donald John MacLean

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Review Article: Robert Letham’s Systematic Theology

Jonathan Bayes

Pastor at Stanton Lees Chapel, UK Executive Director, Carey Outreach Ministries

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The Need for Systematic Theology in Theological Education

Martin Foord

Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Evangelical Theological College of Asia, Singapore

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John Murray, Biblical Theology and Systematic-Theological Method

Daniel Schrock

PhD Student, Westminster Theological Seminary

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John Owen’s Taxonomy of the Covenants: Was He a Dichotomist or a Trichotomist?

Benedict Bird

PhD Student, Cambridge University

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The Use of English in Cross-cultural Mission: Observations from Africa

Thorsten Prill

Vice-Principal, Edinburgh Bible College

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Book Reviews

Liberty in the Things of God: The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom
Robert Louis Wilken (Tim Dieppe)

Getting at Jesus: A Comprehensive Critique of Neo-Atheist Nonsense about the Jesus of History
Peter S. Williams (Tim Dieppe)

Asian Christian Theology: Evangelical Perspectives
Timoteo Gener & Stephen Pardue (Martin Paterson)

Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind
Tom Holland (Gary Brady)

Being a pastor: A conversation with Andrew Fuller
Michael Haykin, Brian Croft, Ian Clary (Gary Brady)

The Identity and Attributes of God
Terry L. Johnson (Mostyn Roberts)