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Who we are

Affinity is a fellowship of Churches, evangelical Agencies and Christians.

Through our fellowship together we seek to express the unity all God's people enjoy because they belong to Jesus Christ.


Churches in all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland belong to Affinity together with evangelical agencies and individual Christians.

Through our partnership with one another we are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Affinity provides resources to help our partner churches and Christians.

These resources are also made available to churches and Christians around the world who can benefit from them.

Latest News

The Fight Against Abortion: Green Shoots of Life in Sheffield

The Reality

Can you believe that there have been over one billion abortions worldwide?[1] This year marks the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of abortion here in the UK. More than 8 million abortions[2] have taken place here since then. The latest figures available demonstrate that more than one in five pregnancies end in abortion[3] meaning that on average 523 abortions are carried out every day in England and Wales.[4] It is truly shocking but how do we even begin to respond to this? ... (read more)

(Photo: the size of a 12-week-old baby)


Posted 26th July 2017 | Comments 0

The yawning gap

No-one would really say it, but I would suggest that, on the face of it, many churches are not excited about world mission. Look at the faces of those despondent people standing at the mission agency stalls, wondering whether they will achieve anything more than aching legs and a few students wondering how to spice up their year off with a bit of travel.

Graham Nicholls of Affinity writes for Evangelicals Now

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Posted 22nd July 2017 | Comments 0

The gospel in Paris

Former Affinity council member and soon-to-be missionary to France, Tom Forryan, meets Paris church planter Edouard Nelson and discusses sharing the gospel, Paris-style.

Tom is currently pastor of Derby Road Baptist Church, Watford, part of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East).

Posted 20th July 2017 | Comments 0


The Particular Baptist Fund wishes to appoint a part-time Secretary to the Trustees. For more information and how to apply click here.

Posted 20th July 2017 | Comments 0

Ideological Colonialism

Affinity stands with Barnabas Fund in raising serious concerns about the October 2016 Report of Wilton Park (an executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) entitled ‘Opportunities and Challenges: the intersection of faith and human rights of LGBTI+ persons’ which urges the reinterpretation and teaching of Scripture to make it compatible with LGBTI ideology.

Director of Affinity Graham Nicholls says, ‘The FCO should withdraw the Wilton Park report and confirm that this document does not represent UK government policy. The promotion of freedom of religion or belief around the world should be included as a major aim of UK foreign policy and all forms of this kind of intolerance of Christians, especially those from outside the UK, must be outlawed'... (read more)




Posted 19th July 2017 | Comments 0

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