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Who we are

Affinity is a fellowship of Churches, evangelical Agencies and Christians.

Through our fellowship together we seek to express the unity all God's people enjoy because they belong to Jesus Christ.


Churches in all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland belong to Affinity together with evangelical agencies and individual Christians.

Through our partnership with one another we are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Affinity provides resources to help our partner churches and Christians.

These resources are also made available to churches and Christians around the world who can benefit from them.

Latest News

The Good Book Company Conference for Children's, Youth and Family Workers

In January the Good Book Company hold their next residential conference for Youth, Children’s and Family workers. Such has been the growth in demand for places each year that the venue has changed to Swanwick for 2017. Christopher Ash is the main speaker, and they have streams for people who are starting in ministry, and for developing leadership skills and theological understanding. It is a great training conference for this often neglected area. There is also a bursary fund for churches from poorer areas (particularly those in UPAs), to help make it more affordable. Further details and booking form.

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Review of 'Transgender' by Vaughan Roberts

Author Vaughan Roberts, the Rector of St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford, has written a timely new book addressing the topic of transgenderism, explaining the roots of this ideology, and offering practical guidance to Christians seeking to love the individual and speak truth.

Roberts, known for his book ‘Battles Christians Face’, tackles transgenderism in his usual accessible style, with biblical grounding and compassion. ‘Transgender’ begins with explaining gender dysphoria and its symptoms, and asking how Christians should respond to this cultural change. He posits that we often have two responses: Blind disgust, or blind affirmation (or as he puts it, "Yuk!", and "Yes!") Neither, he emphasises, are helpful, as they are emotional and simplistic. Instead, he encourages Christians to take time to consider the issue in depth and with sensitivity... (more)

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The Autumn edition of our newsletter is now available

The Autumn edition of our newsletter In Touch is now available to download. This issue contains a message from our Director, Graham Nicholls, and articles on the work of three of our associate agencies: Daylight Christian Prison Trust, the Good Book Company and Jubilee Centre. Together they illustrate something of the range of ministries in which members of the Affinity family are engaged, yet all under the authority of God's Word and seeking his glory in our nation and beyond. We are grateful to the Lord for them and encourage you to read of their work and pray for them.

In Touch - Autumn 2016

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The Affinity Theological Study Conference 2017

Booking is now open for the conference!

Visit our dedicated webpage for full details and online booking.

The theme is The Christian Church: Its Mission in a Post-Christian Culture.

How should the church of Jesus Christ respond to the rapidly increasing hostility it faces in the Western world? What should we do when public discourse, government, education and media seek to eradicate all Christian influence? Is there any validity in the separatism of the so-called ‘Benedict option’? What does it mean to be faithful to God’s calling to his church in a generation when the moral order is changing around us?

The conference brings together pastors, church leaders, theological students and others who seek to respond biblically and theologically to one of the pressing issues of our day. A team of experienced pastors and scholars will address the subject from biblical, historical and practical perspectives to inform and stimulate our corporate discussion.

Please come and join us in March 2017 - the conference is open to both men and women. The speakers are: David Green, Chris Bennett, Paul Helm, Lee Gatiss, John Stevens and David McKay. Papers will be circulated to conference members in advance so that they can spend time studying the papers before the event.

At the conference each speaker will introduce his paper and highlight the main issues, after which there will be time for questions and small group discussion.

The final day concludes with a plenary question and answer session involving all the speakers.Carl Trueman considers the conference to have a unique format and ethos:

“… the conference was probably the most helpful one I have ever attended...  True conversational theology… the discussion groups, consisting of academics and pastors, pushed everything to its implications for the local church… differences were respected but not relativised; and good humour and thoughtfulness characterised everything.”

(Carl Trueman, on the 2011 Conference)

See his full review.

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The October Prayer Calendar is now available

The Prayer Calendar for October is now available to download. With one item for every day of the month, please use this to inform your praying for the many churches, agencies and individuals who are faithfully serving the Lord both in the UK and around the world. Thank you!

Another very convenient way of accessing the calendar is via the mobile app PrayerMate. Sign up for the daily feed here. Use this app for your mobile device and subscribe to our calendar to receive the prayer item for each day direct to your phone or tablet.

Prayer Calendar - October 2016

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