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Affinity is a fellowship of Churches, evangelical Agencies and Christians.

Through our fellowship together we seek to express the unity all God's people enjoy because they belong to Jesus Christ.


Churches in all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland belong to Affinity together with evangelical agencies and individual Christians.

Through our partnership with one another we are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Affinity provides resources to help our partner churches and Christians.

These resources are also made available to churches and Christians around the world who can benefit from them.

Latest News

The August Prayer Calendar is now available

The Prayer Calendar for August is now available to download. With one item for every day of the month, please use this to inform your praying for the many churches, agencies and individuals who are faithfully serving the Lord both in the UK and around the world. Thank you!

Another very convenient way of accessing the calendar is via the mobile app PrayerMate. Sign up for the daily feed here. Use this app for your mobile device and subscribe to our calendar to receive the prayer item for each day direct to your phone or tablet.

Prayer Calendar - August 2016

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Theological Study Conference 2015 book published

Christian Focus have recently published the papers from the 2015 Affinity Theological Study Conference under the title "In Christ Alone".

The papers deal with the subject of union with Christ.
Editor Stephen Clark says:

Union with Christ is the jewel in the crown of salvation. It has many and varied facets. Indeed, the reality denoted by the words 'in Christ' is unfathomable. But the importance of this great truth is such that Christians need to seek to plumb its unsearchable depths. This present volume seeks to show how union with Christ is expounded by two New Testament writers, how it was understood by two great theologians and how it relates to two key areas of biblical teaching, before a final chapter plots the scriptural development and structure of this great truth and its practical relevant for us today.

Contributors include Stephen Clark, Cornelis Bennema, Tim Ward, Robert Letham, John Fesko, David McKay and Paul Wells.

The retail price is £12.99 but it can be obtained for £9.00 (including postage) by ordering direct from Affinity at

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The Theological Study Conference 2017

Book the dates now! Our next Study Conference, God willing, is 1-3 March 2017 at King's Park, Northampton. The theme is a very timely one for the church in the Western world:

‘The Christian Church – Its Mission in a Post-Christian Culture’

Papers will consider the subject from biblical, historical, theological and practical perspectives. Please consider joining us for this event as we engage with the papers (sent out in advance), with the authors, and with one another in small groups and plenary sessions. In doing so we will seek to understand together what the church’s appropriate response should be in the coming years.

Paper 1: ‘Light to the Nations and Aliens and Strangers: an Overview of the People of God in the Old Testament’ – David Green

Paper 2: ‘Light to the Nations and Aliens and Strangers: an Overview of the People of God in the New Testament’ – Chris Bennett

Paper 3: ‘When Society is Collapsing: Augustine and The City of God’ – Paul Helm

Paper 4: ‘The Church Militant and Martyred: The Reformation till Today’ – Lee Gatiss

Paper 5: ‘On Understanding our Times’ – John Stevens

Paper 6: ‘On Serving God in our Generation’ – David McKay

More details on how to book for the conference will follow soon.

Note: for an introduction to some of the issues in question, see Ted Turnau’s paper in the latest edition of Foundations:

Dialogues Concerning Cultural Engagement

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New edition of the Family Education Trust Bulletin

The Family Education Trust Director, Norman Wells, is a member of Affinity's Social Issues Team and a regular contributor to our Social Issues Bulletin. The Trust publish a very helpful quarterly bulletin of news, articles and reviews. It is available both as a hard copy (£10 per annum from the FET) or as a free-to-read page on their website. Here is the latest edition:

Family Education Trust Bulletin 163

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The latest edition of our Theological Journal Foundation is out

Foundations number 70 is published today - 140 pages of theological writing, free to read online or download:

Foundations issue 70

In this issue we have five articles spanning the areas of systematic theology, cultural apologetics and church history.

On the four-hundredth anniversary of John Owen’s birth Benedict Bird examines Owen’s understanding of the covenant of redemption.

There is the first of a two-part piece by Ted Turnau addressing the subject of Christian cultural engagement in a post-Christian context, using the medium of a series of dialogues with imaginary interlocutors to make his case. The dialogues challenge readers to consider how they engage with the secular post-Christian culture in which we live.

Thirdly, Andrew Latimer seeks to show how David Van Drunen’s reading of the covenant with Adam impacts his understanding of cultural engagement in the Christian life. He argues that Van Drunen has failed to see how believers share in Christ’s Adamic work as the cultural mandate is fulfilled in the new creation.

The final two articles address questions of evangelical identity. On the two-hundredth anniversary of J. C. Ryle’s birth, Ben Rogers examines Ryle’s discovery and defence of Evangelical principles. Sam Crossley’s article looks at how discussions of evangelical identity evolved over the latter half of the twentieth century. He suggests that, as definitions become harder to pin down, the label “evangelical” may become obsolete.

We also feature reviews of Tim Keller’s book on preaching and John Risbridger’s volume on worship in the Bible Speaks Today series.

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