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Who we are

Affinity is a fellowship of Churches, evangelical Agencies and Christians.

Through our fellowship together we seek to express the unity all God's people enjoy because they belong to Jesus Christ.


Churches in all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland belong to Affinity together with evangelical agencies and individual Christians.

Through our partnership with one another we are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Affinity provides resources to help our partner churches and Christians.

These resources are also made available to churches and Christians around the world who can benefit from them.

Latest News

May Prayer Calendar

The Prayer Calendar for May is now available to download. With one item for every day of the month, please use this to inform your praying for the many churches, agencies and individuals who are faithfully serving the Lord both in the UK and around the world. Thank you!

Prayer Calendar - May 2015

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Courage for living in a secular society - Salt & Light day event

The audio recordings of the recent conference held at Carey Baptist Church in Reading, are now available to download. The event was to encourage and equip Christians to be more courageous and effective in living for the Lord in our secular society. John Benton, editor of Evangelicals Now and pastor of Chertsey Street Baptist Church in Guildford, spoke on 'Courageous people for difficult days' and then Andrea Minichiello-Williams of Christian Concern spoke on 'Upholding truth and justice in a secular society' (this audio is in two parts due to its length). After lunch John Ling spoke on 'How to live the bioethically courageous life' and finally Roger Hitchings of Pilgrims' Friend Society spoke on 'Caring for older Christians - using them in local church ministry'.

John Benton

Andrea Minichiello-Williams (part 1)

Andrea Minichiello-Williams (part 2)

John Ling

Roger Hitchings

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Editorial Code of Conduct

Affinity has facilitated discussion between the editors of a number of evangelical publications to prepare and agree an Editorial Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct has now been approved by the editors and their respective boards and can be viewed below.

Those who have prepared and subscribed to the Code of Conduct feel it is very important for evangelical publications, whilst retaining full editorial freedom, to be committed to upholding and maintaining biblical standards and principles

If editors and boards of other evangelical publications wish to be identified with the Code of Conduct, we will be very happy to add their names to the list.

Code of Conduct

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The Latest issue of the Affinity Social Issues Bulletin is now available

The Bulletin is published three times a year by Affinity’s Social Issues Team to keep evangelical churches and individual Christians informed of the implications of legislation and public policy on social issues in the UK.

This issue contains articles on loneliness in society and how the church can help counteract it; an assessment of the new school standards regime, marriage statistics since the introduction of same-sex marriage, the second part of a review of Herman Bavinck's book on the family, as well as all the usual important bioethical issues and legal cases.

There is indispensable material here which you can circulate electronically to church members, colleagues or friends, or print off hard copies for those who don't have access to a computer.

The Bulletin - March 2015

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Keep Marriage Special events

Affinity's Social Issues Team is highlighting the fact that Keep Marriage Special is holding two Christian witnesses outside political conferences in the next few weeks and are encouraging people to join them... (more)

Posted 19th February 2015 | Comments 0

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