1 May 2024

Christ-centred education across the nation

Written by Steve Beegoo
A woman teaching children to read a book
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Can you imagine a school, where all the teachers and staff are committed Christians? Where they all seek to teach their age groups and subjects from an understanding of the Bible’s teaching? Where the love and truth of Jesus Christ is celebrated throughout the school year? Where teachers are praying for, and with, the children and young people day by day, week by week, supporting the Christian upbringing of their parents? Well, let me introduce you to the schools of the Christian Schools’ Trust!

There are around 30 of these schools across the country, where their low fees and Christian vision are serving families from across many Christian denominations. They are inspected by Ofsted or ISI, and the research shows they have great academic results, making wonderful citizens as they support the parents in their discipleship vision of education. And the group is growing, with new groups wanting to start schools regularly connecting. Christian teachers love to work in these schools where their faith can be worn on their sleeve, in support of the school’s vision. The salaries are lower, to help make the schools as affordable to parents as possible, as the community together shares the faith of finding the finances needed. The schools are so much more of a sacrificial family working for each other’s benefit than an institution. Not the normal ‘private school’ at all!

Many church leaders are rediscovering what the Bible says about children, and that Jesus spent His focused three teaching years with teenagers. Many parents are rightly asking whether or not sending their children to the local secular state school is really what the Lord wants them to do with His children. Perhaps you are too?

So please find out more by visiting www.christianschoolstrust.co.uk.

And if you are a teacher, consider joining us at our three-day residential teachers’ conference, ‘The Fire of Faith’ in February 2025, with an early bird discount even for non-members if you are quick!

The Christian Schools’ Trust is an Agency member of Affinity. Visit our members page to find out more about what it means to be a member of Affinity or to meet our other members.

Written by
Steve Beegoo
Steve Beegoo is the CEO of the Christian Schools’ Trust having stepped down from being the Principal of The King’s School in Witney. He is also Head of Education at Christian Concern, where he advises, teaches, supports, writes, campaigns and networks, home and abroad so that Christian Education and Christians in Education are able to influence for the kingdom. He has been a primary school teacher for 18 years and was pastor of Bicester Community Church in Oxfordshire for 9 years. He is married to Tammi and has three daughters. Steve has experience in Christian schools and state schools, works on the Oxfordshire SACRE and also enjoys a competitive game of badminton in his spare time!

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