23 May 2024

Podcast: Bonus Episode: Reacting to the UK General Election 2024 announcement – with James Mildred from CARE

This article is part of the Affinity Talks Gospel Podcast series.

In this bonus episode of Affinity Talks Gospel Podcast, Graham Nicholls and Lizzie Harewood speak with James Mildred from CARE, a Christian charity which works closely with politics. We discuss the surprise announcement of a General Election happening on 4 July and we reflect on its implications for Christians.

We’re encouraged to remember God’s sovereignty in politics and the importance of Christian participation in the electoral process. We delve into voting ethics, party policies, and the impact of voting choices on communities. Emphasising informed decision-making, we explore media influence, local issues, and the value of selfless voting for the common good. Highlighting the significance of staying informed through resources like CARE’s Engage24 and assessing policies through biblical principles, we underscore the importance of thoughtful, faith-aligned political engagement.

Visit CARE’s exclusive election website, engaGE24.org.uk which is packed with content designed to help you engage well with this election.

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Topics addressed in this Podcast:

  • Are we excited for a General Election?
  • Surprise at the early election call
  • God’s sovereignty in politics
  • Would Jesus have voted?
  • Importance of voting
  • Prioritising local representatives in elections
  • Considerations of tactical voting
  • Motivation for voting: love for neighbours
  • Responsible voting and selfishness
  • Abortion as a voting priority
  • Freedom and Gospel freedom
  • Parties and biblical values in various policies

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