15 August 2022

Four Resources on Christians and Gaming

In the past two weeks, we’ve discussed Christian’s approaches to video games in two articles: 6 myths about video games and Can anything good come from video games?. Here I want to share four resources that may help you understand the Christian approach to gaming.

That Dragon, Cancer

The best way to understand gaming is to play a game. But just like there’s a difference between a community pantomime and Shakespeare, there are levels of video game quality. An undeniable classic is That Dragon, Cancer which won the 2017 BAFTA for game innovation. It will give you a good picture of what gaming has to offer.

What differentiates gaming from other forms of entertainment is that you don’t just watch you participate. This game is autobiographical, created by a Christian couple who have a child diagnosed with brain cancer. You’ll be brought face to face with the challenges parents in these situations face, including wrestling with God. It will take around 3 hours to complete and can be played on your phone. It would be a great way to introduce yourself to the world of gaming.

You can find information about That Dragon, Cancer and how to purchase it at: thatdragoncancer.com 

A Student’s Guide to Gaming by Reagan Rose

This book is aimed at young people and students. Reagan Rose has experience as a student pastor and has played games himself. He approaches this topic from a gospel-centred perspective. Rose gets to the heart of why video games appeal and asks why God’s design for the world is better. This includes:

  • Why do quests appeal to us and what God’s quest is for Christians
  • What community gaming provides and how it relates to the church
  • The rewards and achievements in gaming compared to heavenly rewards 

Rose also discusses how gaming relates to time and how Christians should think about video game violence. The book avoids simplistic answers of right and wrong but still encourages biblical discernment.

This would be a good book for any gamer to read, particularly those of a younger age. Youth and student workers may also appreciate a brief book to recommend to others.

A Student’s Guide to Gaming is available for £2.99 from Christian Focus Publications.

Taming Gaming by Andy Robertson

What if you are a parent guiding young people in their gaming? Taming Gaming focuses squarely on parenting advice. It is written by a Christian author but for a general audience.

Robertson’s big idea is that gaming can be ‘tamed’ and be positive for children. He recommends parents explore games for themselves and with their kids. Robertson highlights the dangers of parents critiquing their children before actually understanding what is happening. 

A great online resource is the linked website taminggaming.com. It provides: 

  • Reviews from parents who’ve played a game
  • Information on appropriate age-ranges
  • Suggests alternative games (especially helpful if your child wants to play something inappropriate and you can recommend something different)

It would be great for parents to use this to help their children wisely engage with games.

Visit Taming Gaming for more information about the book and where to buy.

Of Games & God by Kevin Schut 

Schut’s book is probably the deepest and most theoretical. He covers most of the issues in other books. Yet he also includes chapters about Christians working in the industry and those who play regularly. His book is also the only one I’m aware of that deals with the sexualisation of women in parts of the gaming community.

Whilst this isn’t the easiest starting place, it certainly is the most thorough to date. It would definitely be worthwhile for those working in the industry. Adult gamers may find this a deeper engagement with their world than the two previous titles. Schut avoids simplistic answers and encourages critical thinking. He sees some of the flaws in the gaming industry but does encourage engagement.

Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration Of Video Games can be purchased on Amazon.


Living in the world for Christians will always be difficult. The temptation is to swing to extremes. With video games this has often presented either: 

  • Rejection – Video games are a waste of time
  • Naivete – What’s the harm?

Hopefully, with the use of resources like these, Christians can have a balanced view that appreciates that doesn’t fall into either extreme. 

But whether you game, or read, or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.

Tim Wilson is the pastor of Wheelock Heath Baptist Church. He is a graduate of Union School of Theology and lives in Cheshire with his wife Natalie and three children. You can follow Tim on Twitter.


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