4 August 2023

The Summer 2023 edition of the Social Issues Bulletin is available

The Affinity Social Issues Team publish a Bulletin three times a year that aims to inform the church on matters of social, ethical and legal concern for Christians. Each issue is free to download.

This Summer edition of the Social Issues Bulletin opens with an insightful article to help us understand trauma in the context of the church. This personal article from an anonymous writer equips churches with how to better understand and handle those who have suffered trauma. This is followed by a look back at the effects lockdown had on our society and spiritual lives and some of the lessons we can learn from lockdown. We have a new contributor to the Bulletin in our next article, in the first of a series of articles Jeremy Peckham helps us begin to understand the rise of AI and its implications on Christians in a piece titled: ‘Chat GPT: made in our image?‘. Dr Calum MacKellar again then helpfully provides us with a short summary on the current bioethical issues we’re facing. We close this issue of the Bulletin with a summary of the current Christian legal battles both the Christian Legal Centre and the Christian Institute are facing.

Despite Issue 53 being shorter than usual we still undoubtedly believe it’s a worthwhile and insightful read, and hope you agree!

Download the full Summer edition of the Social Issues Bulletin for free here:

The Social Issues Bulletin 53


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