15 December 2023

The latest edition of Foundations has been published – Winter 2023

We are delighted to publish the latest issue of our theological journal Foundations. All articles are free to view online or download. You can also purchase a printed copy.

Edition 85 of Foundations brings together a number of articles which focus on contemporary theological issues and historical theology. Sarah Allen’s article on Sarah Coakley most overtly engages with contemporary theology as she considers Coakley’s 2013 work God, Sexuality and the Self: An Essay on the Trinity. Tom Underhill considers a matter which has been the subject of recent debate, namely a “Reformed Catholic” approach to theology. Underhill’s contribution to this debate is to seek to provide “a theological justification for a presumption of trust towards tradition that is both consistently Protestant and persuasive to evangelical readers.” Stephen Steele’s article is in the realm of church history, as he takes us back in time to the 17th century to consider how some key theologians at the Westminster Assembly responded to increasing knowledge of, and access to, variants within copies of Scripture in the original languages. John Ferguson continues the theme of church history and introduces us to the theology of one of the most brilliant of the theologians of the 19th century Free Church of Scotland, Hugh Martin. An article by Gary Brady closes out the article section of Foundations. In a sense is it unlike most articles in Foundations, in that it introduces us to a number of men in a specific time and place, who are largely forgotten and some of whom we can know little about.

We trust these articles, and the book reviews in this issue, are all of help for the church.


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